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We are a small boutique Apothecary in Nashville Tennessee who's farm uses organic practices and sustainable resources to grow and harvest our premium hemp flower.

We also offer smokable indoor hemp flower from High Times, Emerald Cup and Southern Champion Cup award winning local growers, so customers can expect the BEST smokable flower while offering variety of the highest standards. We offer premium cured Indoor Flower, Artisan Prerolls, exclusive Rose Petal Rolls, and smokable Herbal Blends. Our flower varieties include, CBD, CBG, THCA and D8 Infusions. In addition we carry a wide range of cartridges, concentrates and disposable options that are 100% Distillate with no cutting agents and only Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Each product is thoughtfully crafted and packaged to ensure quality and lasting freshness. Our products are legal both on a federal and state level under the 2018 Farm Bill.


Premium Organic Flower

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