Nourishing Wellness & Conscious Community

Nourishing Wellness & Conscious Community

L'alchimiste & Music City Mindfulness join forces to bring you a nourishing evening of conscious connection, crystal singing bowl and handpan alchemy, live music, and

euphoric botanical elixirs and provisions.

Our mission is to connect like-minded community in a warm, relaxed setting while enjoying a variety of offerings from local herbalists, artists, and healers.

What to expect:

We will open with an offering of a high vibrational euphoric botanical elixir crafted by herbal alchemist, Fairlight.

Participants will enjoy blissful sound journeys with crystal singing bowl healer Kayce Laine and handpan instrumentalist James Cloutier's.

In honor of our Nashville roots, Joanna Barbera will perform a short set of heart-centered original songs and music.

Throughout the event there will be time and space to socialize, mix and mingle with the option to purchase a variety of herbal infusions and cbd confections.

  • Location of Event


    4420 Whites Creek Pike

    Nashville, Tn 37189

    615-594-3614 for info

  • Facilitators

    Fairlight Hubbard, Owner L’Alchemiste, MAISON JAMES, and EYE MGMT, Herbalist, intuitive healer, QHHT Practitioner, Photographer and Agent.


    Joanna Barbera, Owner Music City Mindfullness-

    Singer/Songwriter/Performer, Transformational Mentor, Somatic Movement, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor.


    Kayce Laine, Certified Sound, Crystal, Reiki Practitioner and Full time Energy Healer


    James Cloutier, handpan artist, sound therapy practitioner, and massage therapist.

  • Shipping Fees vs Local Pick-up

    If you simply choose local pick up your ticket will be ready at the door and no additional fees will apply. If you want it shipped in advance we are happy to do so for standard shipping cost.