Ceremony Pet Formula

Ceremony Pet Formula

The perfect blend of oils, tallow, and hemp derived CBD:CBG extract for your pets. Premium endocannabinoid support for your pet that you can see even after one use. Can be used daily and also given in higher doses to assist with activities such as travel and grooming that can cause your pet anxiety. 

  • Directions

    Put 2 drops/5 lbs as a standard dose on top of food. Increase dose as needed for anxiety or relief with joints or injury up to 6 drops/5lb.


    pet weight/5 x 2 drops = standard dose

    pet weight​​​​​​​/5 x 6 drops = increased dose

  • Ingredients

    Hemp Seed Oil, Tallow, Krill Oil, Lecithin, Hemp Derived CBD:CBG Extract.