Formulated with the highest quality organic cold pressed premium essential oils and 200 mg of organic hemp extract, this luxury line of skincare is perfect for the discerning consumer who is looking for organic natural solutions that are good for the the planet and good for the skin. Custom 1:1 formulations of both CBD and CBG for stimulating receptors in endocannabinoid system. Oragnic emolients and phosolipids gaurantee transdermal delivery for full benefits. Full Size Kit Includes: 8 items Sacred Flower Micellar Glow Toner (daily cleanser) Sacred Flower Salt Scrub (exfoliant) Sacred Flower Dewey Gelle (daily moisturizer) Sacred Flower Hydrator ( anytime gellee activator) Sacred Flower Serum (nightly restorative moistrizer) Sacred Flower Beauty Oil (anytime moisturizer) Sacred Flower Lip Polisher (anytime edible lip scrub) Sacred Flower Lip Hydrator (anytime lip moisturizer) A $500 value purchased separately

Sacred Flower Luxury Skincare Set

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